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For love of bare November days …

November 3, 2008

Starting in November our Children’s Librarian, Lauren Frawley, has created a Reading Buddies program in which some of our most dedicated high school students will be helping younger children with their reading skills.  We are very excited about the prospect of the matches – students mentoring their younger friends, and working with them to hone their English language skills as they bond as friends for life.


Also starting this month is a beginners’ computer classes for adults.  Our new staff member, Adrienne Coppola, will be instructing a class on Monday and Saturday afternoons.  Adrienne’s interests include social work, working with older people, and working on computers.  We are happy she is joining us for this activity.


Palisades Park Library offers many ESL classes for its residents.  Thanks to our devoted teachers and our avid students, ESL is a must program for our Library.

However, in the hopes of providing a more balanced roster of activities, programs and events in our meeting room, we will eliminate two of our afternoon ESL classes, starting in November.  Already, we have a puppet show booked in place of this class for this time slot on our calendar.


For love of bare November days, to paraphrase Robert Frost, we are soaking up the crisp air that autumn is ushering in with the premonition of winter freeze.  And we are creating a fun-filled panoply of activities and materials to warm up Palisades Park Library and our BCCLS environment.


Speaking of warming up, we would love to get a Friends of Pal Park Library group started – just let us know your interest, and we’ll make arrangements for you to meet and find ways to make our Library the best it can be!  Everyone in Palisades Park is invited to join – if you have ideas, or want to meet new or old acquaintances, if you’re a new member of our community or have been part of our town for ages, please feel free to enjoy what we have to offer and help us make our Library a treasure for all to enjoy.  Recently, at the  BCCLS Annual Friends Breakfast, our director learned of how other towns’ Friends groups are helping their libraries stretch their funds with fundraisers of all kinds, including events the Friends sponsor that include their diverse communities.  Let’s join them in reaching our dreams for Library heaven!