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Marching into Spring!

February 27, 2009

One of our goals is to put a book in every child’s hand to promote a lifetime love of reading.  Over 70 new children’s library cards were made in February alone.   We are always working to maintain and update the collection.  This is especially important in the children’s and young adult area.  Suggestions are always welcome to help us improve our collection.  Volunteer opportunities are available for high school students wanting to promote books and reading to our younger users.  Please inquire with Lauren, our children’s and young adult librarian.

This month the Palisades Park Library is showing three exciting art exhibits. Artist Heejung Kim has contributed paintings and drawings by her students, all Bergen county children.  Ranging from watercolors and drywash to acrylic painting, the works of these twenty-three young artists are on display at the north end of our Great Room.  Ms. Kim has exhibited with us many times over the years – this will be our first collaboration with her students.


In the main gallery, internationally known artist Ran Hwang has curated a show, starting March 8th, of Singha Kim, an emerging artist.  Ran Hwang had her debut show with us over 10 years ago, and since has exhibited her work in Italy, Spain, France, Japan and Korea.


In the southern corridor of our Library, we are showing the wonderful art of Kate Wade, a Bergen county artist.  These pieces are painted in acrylic and watercolor.


Along with these exciting artshows, stop by and see the painstaking work of Steve Cavallo and Jooyoung Choi on the murals in the children’s area.  See it all come to life as they work on it Wednesday afternoons at 3pm.


February Endeavors

February 2, 2009

Palisades Park Public Library, and all NJ public libraries, is concerned about budget constraints in this very difficult economic environment.  Due to these conditions, we hope all the more that our public can see our vision of “encouraging a lifetime love of learning” working for us all.  We hope that you can join us in supporting our library.  Please see the library director, Susan Kumar, with your thoughts and ideas of help.


Annual circulation of materials by Palisades Park patrons increased 21% in 2008 over 2007.  And, in January 2009 alone, our circulation increased 60% over January 2008, with all types of materials loans increasing, and with media circulation up the most at 123%.


We are proud to introduce a new library card this month!  Steve Cavallo, our resident artist, is sharing his talents with us again, and has created a wonderful depiction of our theme – …encouraging a lifetime love of learning.




We believe in continuous improvement and not resting on our laurels, but we are proud of the progress we have made!  We are in the process of making Foreign language and an Educational categories within our DVD collection.  Thanks to the several people who asked us where they could find a Foreign Language film, and thus set the wheels in motion for fixing this bit of confusion.  And yes!  this section is already quite substantial!  (We acquire four of the best foreign language titles each month.)


Reading Buddies is coming back!  We’re proud that our high school volunteers, the children and their parents are enthusiastic about this program and that we can provide our town with a phenomenal mentoring opportunity.


The library staff continues to serve you, our good neighbors and friends.  Please join us in recreating your best wishes and succor.