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Library Champions

April 6, 2009

As BCCLS celebrates its 30th Anniversary, we’d like to invite you to join in the celebration by becoming Library Champions.


Library Champions are patrons who love their libraries and want to be in the know about issues that may affect them. Library Champions’ email addresses will be entered into a distribution list. When important library issues arise, BCCLS will email the Library Champions. The Champions can then take appropriate action such as phone calls, emails to legislators or simply talking up the library to their neighbors.


Libraries are facing a myriad of challenges and budgets are tenuous at best. We need people to act as our advocates and stand up for the libraries that have come under increased pressure because of the economic crisis, security concerns in the wake of 9/11, Internet access issues and more. Now more than ever, those who believe most strongly in the importance of our libraries are needed to be advocates for us.


Please join in this effort.  Visit and lend us a hand!


Help your library help your community in good times and bad!