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What is your favorite part of the Library? We’d love to hear from you!

October 15, 2009

Please give us your thoughts and suggestions.

Our library is a composite of the thoughts and dreams of seekers. Are yours here?

We make it what it is – our dreams for you, our thoughts to make yours better – a Library to give you the flavor, the scent, the drifting vapors of desire and fulfillment that will make your life better. Palisades Park Public Library grows through your cultivation. We hope we can nurture your interests as you help us help you grow, too.

As director of this Library, I have had the great pleasure of seeing the Library through many changes, improvements if you like, that are meant to give clarity to your searches and robustness to your thoughts. Have you found the materials you were looking for? Have we given you what you want from a library?

Let us know!

With best wishes,

Susan Kumar
…encouraging a lifetime love of learning