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Welcome Spring

March 28, 2011

Each of us has felt the trials of winter, as it’s tested our endurance of snow and ice and our capacity to hibernate with a good book – whether eBook, audiobook, or good ole fashioned book. Our favorites are worn from turning pages, our get-to pile diminishing. What’s next?

We can’t wait for the first fresh buds of spring! The muddy boots, the lighter jackets, open windows letting in fresh air with curtains billowing.

And what spring cleaning can we begin now? We librarians and library staff are busy and restive. We’ve put colorful mobiles above our heads in the Teen area and Reading room. We’re soon to be taking out our old computer furniture and installing new ones. We’re making our Adult reading stacks more appealing with our continuous review of what’s good and what’s essential. Great for browsing and picking that book that catches your eye!

And we’re banking on all of you will coming to visit and seeing with your own eyes how we’re growing and improving!