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History of Palisades Park Library Cards

April 13, 2011

Palisades Park Library is proud to present their new library card. Click here to apply for a Palisades Park Library card. Below are the images that represent the design history of Palisades Park library cards. All artwork by Steven Cavallo, our resident artist!

Coming Soon!

Current Card:

Previous Card:


Welcome Spring

March 28, 2011

Each of us has felt the trials of winter, as it’s tested our endurance of snow and ice and our capacity to hibernate with a good book – whether eBook, audiobook, or good ole fashioned book. Our favorites are worn from turning pages, our get-to pile diminishing. What’s next?

We can’t wait for the first fresh buds of spring! The muddy boots, the lighter jackets, open windows letting in fresh air with curtains billowing.

And what spring cleaning can we begin now? We librarians and library staff are busy and restive. We’ve put colorful mobiles above our heads in the Teen area and Reading room. We’re soon to be taking out our old computer furniture and installing new ones. We’re making our Adult reading stacks more appealing with our continuous review of what’s good and what’s essential. Great for browsing and picking that book that catches your eye!

And we’re banking on all of you will coming to visit and seeing with your own eyes how we’re growing and improving!

Korean Resources Available

June 7, 2010

팰리사이드팍 도서관에서는 다양하게 접할수 있는 한국책들이
많이 비치되어 있습니다.

소설류와 비소설류를 비롯하여 저학년과 아동들을 위한 동화책과
한국 영화와 드라마를 를 볼수 있는 많은 양의 DVD 가
영어에 익숙하지 않은 한인들을 위한 무료 영어 클라스와
영어를 배우는데 도움이 될만한 책들 또한 갖추어져 있습니다.

매주 목요일 3:30분에 있는 3세이상을 위한 한국어 책읽기 시간도 있어
저학년 아이들에게 모국어에 중요성을 심어주고 있습니다.

저희 팰리사이드팍에 오시면
친절한 도서관 직원들이 항상 여러분들을 도와드릴것입니다

Our Library has many varieties of Korean books that you can enjoy.

We have books for the young, including fairy tales, and adult fiction and non-fiction. We also have a large number of Korean DVD’s

Also the Library provides free ESL classes for all non English speaking patrons.

There is a Korean Story Time for ages 3 and up on Thursday from 3:30pm to 4:00pm. Children will be given opportunities to learn their mother language.

You are welcome anytime to our Library.
Our library staff will be always friendly and happy to help you.

Our Library

February 4, 2010

When you come to our Library, you will find more new items to borrow, a better layout for scanning the items, and even better signage than before. At our Library, we pride ourselves on the Library’s continuous improvement. Please let us know how you like it, and how you think we might do better – your opinion counts!

(Hint: take a walk through the Children’s Area and check out the newest murals, come on over to the new Teens’ Area and check out the great alcove, and move back to the Quiet Reading Room where the music CDs are even better .. wander through the Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction sections – and look for our shelf labeling… You gotta believe we’re here to help you find your best resources ever!

What is your favorite part of the Library? We’d love to hear from you!

October 15, 2009

Please give us your thoughts and suggestions.

Our library is a composite of the thoughts and dreams of seekers. Are yours here?

We make it what it is – our dreams for you, our thoughts to make yours better – a Library to give you the flavor, the scent, the drifting vapors of desire and fulfillment that will make your life better. Palisades Park Public Library grows through your cultivation. We hope we can nurture your interests as you help us help you grow, too.

As director of this Library, I have had the great pleasure of seeing the Library through many changes, improvements if you like, that are meant to give clarity to your searches and robustness to your thoughts. Have you found the materials you were looking for? Have we given you what you want from a library?

Let us know!

With best wishes,

Susan Kumar
…encouraging a lifetime love of learning

Children’s Summer Programs

July 6, 2009

We have over 100 children signed up for the summer reading club. Children of all ages up until 12 grade are able to register. You can read at home or in the library. Prizes will be given out until August 4th. Sign up ends July 27th.

Join us for our many children’s programs.

Story Time and a picture for ages 3 and up on Mondays from 2:15-3:00. After a themed story time by librarian Lauren Frawley, resident artist Steve Cavallo will show participants how to draw something new each week.

Art classes with Steve are for children of all ages on Tuesdays from 1:00-2:00. Children will be allowed to draw whatever they wish and Steve will help them. High school students will be able to join the adult art class.

Sidewalk Chalk Art will meet Wednesdays from 1:00-2:00 and will be for all ages. The program will take place in front of the library and we will supply the chalk. Wear old clothes for all the chalk dust and fun! Weather permitting. If it’s raining or the sidewalk is wet we will be unable to have this program. Parents are required to stay with their children.

Rhyme Time will be Thursdays from 11:00-11:30. Songs, books, and finger rhymes especially for children under 3.

Friday Kids Movies will take place in the community room Fridays from 1:00-2:45 pm.
Movies will be rated G and PG. Children of all ages are welcome. Children younger than 6 must be accompanied by a guardian.

Palisades Park Library ESL Class Learns About Big Cat Rescue

June 1, 2009

By Darlene M. De Santis – Tech Services, Palisades Park Library

The Palisades Park Library has always presented diverse programming, and in May, Carol Zaccagnini’s ESL class learned about Big Cat Rescue  a non-profit educational sanctuary in Tampa Florida that provides permanent  homes to tigers, lions, leopards, cougars and other wild cats. The cats are retired performers, former pets, or have been rescued from abusive and neglectful situations as well as the fur trade.
Big Cat Rescue

I am an off-site advocate for Big Cat Rescue, and recently visited the sanctuary and shared my experience with the class. As an avid animal lover, with a passion for the big cats, and in particular tigers, my visit to Big Cat Rescue was a dream come true. I support the sanctuary by participating in an ink-jet recycling program, (used ink jet cartridges can be dropped off at the Palisades Park Library for recycling,) updating Big Cat Rescue’s blogs, as well as maintaining my own sites Tiger News and the newly created Tiger World News

I spoke to the class about the different tours I took at Big Cat Rescue such as the feeding tour, keeper’s tour and night tour, explained the reasons why the cats are at Big Cat Rescue, and how people can help the organization. I also exhibited pictures I took on my visit and provided a flyer with information about Big Cat Rescue.
Big Cat Rescue

The dedication and love BCR’s staff has for the cats is overwhelming. It is an extremely well-run and well-maintained facility, and truly, the utmost priority is to provide the best home possible for these animals, and to educate the public as to why these cats are at Big Cat Rescue.

The class was very interested and asked terrific questions, and one student commented on how my love and passion come through while I was talking. That is something that deeply touched my heart because Big Cat Rescue and the cats mean so very much to me.
Big Cat Rescue

I was grateful for the opportunity to present this program. It was a great way to inform people of the wonderful organization Big Cat Rescue is, as well as to the serious situations these beautiful cats face in captivity.

For more information about Big Cat Rescue, visit; and for ways you can help

The teaching library…

May 13, 2009

During the school year that is ending soon, the Palisades Park Public Library has been  given the opportunity to mentor high school volunteers gaining community service hours, graduate library science interns for whom public library service is an avenue of choice, and now as well, an artist working as an intern to Steve Cavallo, creating wall space that entrances.

We are delighted with the relationships we’ve built through mentoring and applaud our staff and these unsung students of library science, library services and library space!  The library has become an incubator of sorts, with our staff showing how great a library can be as we improve our library and community space.

Thank you, each and every one of you who have contributed so greatly to the betterment of our Library, for your gifts of time, intelligence, collaboration and perseverance as we step further towards a library that delights!

Library Champions

April 6, 2009

As BCCLS celebrates its 30th Anniversary, we’d like to invite you to join in the celebration by becoming Library Champions.


Library Champions are patrons who love their libraries and want to be in the know about issues that may affect them. Library Champions’ email addresses will be entered into a distribution list. When important library issues arise, BCCLS will email the Library Champions. The Champions can then take appropriate action such as phone calls, emails to legislators or simply talking up the library to their neighbors.


Libraries are facing a myriad of challenges and budgets are tenuous at best. We need people to act as our advocates and stand up for the libraries that have come under increased pressure because of the economic crisis, security concerns in the wake of 9/11, Internet access issues and more. Now more than ever, those who believe most strongly in the importance of our libraries are needed to be advocates for us.


Please join in this effort.  Visit and lend us a hand!


Help your library help your community in good times and bad!

Marching into Spring!

February 27, 2009

One of our goals is to put a book in every child’s hand to promote a lifetime love of reading.  Over 70 new children’s library cards were made in February alone.   We are always working to maintain and update the collection.  This is especially important in the children’s and young adult area.  Suggestions are always welcome to help us improve our collection.  Volunteer opportunities are available for high school students wanting to promote books and reading to our younger users.  Please inquire with Lauren, our children’s and young adult librarian.

This month the Palisades Park Library is showing three exciting art exhibits. Artist Heejung Kim has contributed paintings and drawings by her students, all Bergen county children.  Ranging from watercolors and drywash to acrylic painting, the works of these twenty-three young artists are on display at the north end of our Great Room.  Ms. Kim has exhibited with us many times over the years – this will be our first collaboration with her students.


In the main gallery, internationally known artist Ran Hwang has curated a show, starting March 8th, of Singha Kim, an emerging artist.  Ran Hwang had her debut show with us over 10 years ago, and since has exhibited her work in Italy, Spain, France, Japan and Korea.


In the southern corridor of our Library, we are showing the wonderful art of Kate Wade, a Bergen county artist.  These pieces are painted in acrylic and watercolor.


Along with these exciting artshows, stop by and see the painstaking work of Steve Cavallo and Jooyoung Choi on the murals in the children’s area.  See it all come to life as they work on it Wednesday afternoons at 3pm.