February Endeavors

February 2, 2009

Palisades Park Public Library, and all NJ public libraries, is concerned about budget constraints in this very difficult economic environment.  Due to these conditions, we hope all the more that our public can see our vision of “encouraging a lifetime love of learning” working for us all.  We hope that you can join us in supporting our library.  Please see the library director, Susan Kumar, with your thoughts and ideas of help.


Annual circulation of materials by Palisades Park patrons increased 21% in 2008 over 2007.  And, in January 2009 alone, our circulation increased 60% over January 2008, with all types of materials loans increasing, and with media circulation up the most at 123%.


We are proud to introduce a new library card this month!  Steve Cavallo, our resident artist, is sharing his talents with us again, and has created a wonderful depiction of our theme – …encouraging a lifetime love of learning.




We believe in continuous improvement and not resting on our laurels, but we are proud of the progress we have made!  We are in the process of making Foreign language and an Educational categories within our DVD collection.  Thanks to the several people who asked us where they could find a Foreign Language film, and thus set the wheels in motion for fixing this bit of confusion.  And yes!  this section is already quite substantial!  (We acquire four of the best foreign language titles each month.)


Reading Buddies is coming back!  We’re proud that our high school volunteers, the children and their parents are enthusiastic about this program and that we can provide our town with a phenomenal mentoring opportunity.


The library staff continues to serve you, our good neighbors and friends.  Please join us in recreating your best wishes and succor.




January 2009 – Winter’s Treasures

January 5, 2009

January always brings new beginnings into focus, and with this month arrives 2009, a year we hope will bring out the best in each of us, and bring you to our resources and shelves where treasures await your opening.


This year we will be adding several new periodicals to our collection, and enriching the rest of our collection as well.  We will be making space for our new collection in the back of the library, and extending our DVD shelves to accommodate our growing selections.


We will be joining with you in implementing some of the great suggestions you make over the year.  Please add your thoughts to ours in our suggestion box, opposite the front desk.


Soon, the murals on the Children’s walls will be complete, thanks to the great talents of our resident artist Steven Cavallo and his apprentice, JooYoung Choi.


…And we will continue to offer programs and activities that you have expressed interest in, including English as a Second Language, art classes, and computer instruction.  We are also planning a writers’ workshop and a book discussion group that may be of interest to our ESL graduates.


Please let us know your thoughts and wishes, so we can get to work realizing them.


Our best to you in the New Year!

High-Five December!

December 2, 2008

We are delighted to offer our third annual Poetry and Art Reception at the Palisades Park Public Library on Friday December 12th at 7 p.m.  We invite you to join us in celebration of the season, of artists and poets, and the joy of our warm community!


At this time, more than 59 visual artists and 24 poets will exhibit their talents within our Library.  Those of you who join us will find our brochure with poems and artwork of considerable interest, too.  Music played on our new grand piano, donated recently by Catherine Mascis, will round out our evening wonderfully.


We are also excited to offer the Learning Express preparatory exams to our library card holders, in the Library and at home.  Learning Express gives practice tests of all kinds – from SATs to police officer exams to civil service, nursing and teacher exams.  It has helped countless individuals hone their test-taking skills and advance in school, college, and career.  We are confident Palisades Park Library cardholders will also find it useful in getting to the next step.


Our library fine amnesty was a success!  The local foodbank will receive our offering of soup, dried foods and stews – hearty foods for the ensuing cold winter we anticipate.  Several library cardholders are back in good stead with their fines eliminated and their capability of borrowing materials from us and all of our BCCLS sister libraries, returned.


The renowned Korean artist, Gu Suk Go,  kindly donated his painting of cranes in moonlight to our Library recently.  We are delighted to make it one of the first in our permanent collection of paintings and will put it on display for the public to view soon.

For love of bare November days …

November 3, 2008

Starting in November our Children’s Librarian, Lauren Frawley, has created a Reading Buddies program in which some of our most dedicated high school students will be helping younger children with their reading skills.  We are very excited about the prospect of the matches – students mentoring their younger friends, and working with them to hone their English language skills as they bond as friends for life.


Also starting this month is a beginners’ computer classes for adults.  Our new staff member, Adrienne Coppola, will be instructing a class on Monday and Saturday afternoons.  Adrienne’s interests include social work, working with older people, and working on computers.  We are happy she is joining us for this activity.


Palisades Park Library offers many ESL classes for its residents.  Thanks to our devoted teachers and our avid students, ESL is a must program for our Library.

However, in the hopes of providing a more balanced roster of activities, programs and events in our meeting room, we will eliminate two of our afternoon ESL classes, starting in November.  Already, we have a puppet show booked in place of this class for this time slot on our calendar.


For love of bare November days, to paraphrase Robert Frost, we are soaking up the crisp air that autumn is ushering in with the premonition of winter freeze.  And we are creating a fun-filled panoply of activities and materials to warm up Palisades Park Library and our BCCLS environment.


Speaking of warming up, we would love to get a Friends of Pal Park Library group started – just let us know your interest, and we’ll make arrangements for you to meet and find ways to make our Library the best it can be!  Everyone in Palisades Park is invited to join – if you have ideas, or want to meet new or old acquaintances, if you’re a new member of our community or have been part of our town for ages, please feel free to enjoy what we have to offer and help us make our Library a treasure for all to enjoy.  Recently, at the  BCCLS Annual Friends Breakfast, our director learned of how other towns’ Friends groups are helping their libraries stretch their funds with fundraisers of all kinds, including events the Friends sponsor that include their diverse communities.  Let’s join them in reaching our dreams for Library heaven!

Afterschool kids in the library enjoy our activities and our friendly atmosphere!

September 30, 2008

And we are busy with Fall schedules and the beginnings of the cooler weather.  While we are thrilled to have the kids here, we hope everyone realizes we are not able to attend to them.  Unattended children under the age of 8 are not allowed in the library.  Please help us adhere to our policies.


To help young children with their homework, we have an honors high school student on site every weekday after school.  Kids must sign up for her help and let her know the subjects they want help in that day.  Kids can register for any or all days – she is here to help!


We are starting a Teen Advisory Board to give our teens a time to gather their ideas on making the library the best place for them and their friends, parents, and world.

 We will also be starting an Elementary High Advisory Board for grades 5-8 to talk about the books they’re reading, school projects and their activities.  We’ll keep you posted!


Soon we will have computer classes for seniors.  We are working on a schedule that will be convenient for our teacher as well as for them.  We will keep you informed as this moves along.


We’ll see you here –

Palisades Park Public Library

Your library is freshly reorganized and easier for you to find the materials you want.

September 2, 2008

We’ve streamlined our layout, and added functionality to our services.


Thanks to our summer high school volunteers, ESL community service volunteers, and our terrific staff, we’ve successfully rearranged our materials so that you can access them better.  Come in and see the new arrangements.  Word has it that we’re much better organized than ever!


We now have two catalogs – one in the front of the library and one in the back.  We are happy to show you how to use the catalog to find the materials you are looking for.  Also available on the BCCLS website are databases that are wonderful resources for adults, students and professionals alike.  Stop by the reference desk for assistance!


Now that school is starting, we’ve got some great things going for you as well.  Our new children’s librarian, Lauren Frawley, is helping make our library the best it can be, and we are giving our children more activities and programs, and more materials that suit their needs better.


Our Children’s area now has some wonderful new art on the walls – come take a look at what our talented staff member, Steven Cavallo, has created!  Fairy tales come alive with his paints and brushes.


We are delighted that a kind donor has given us a grand piano.  To inaugurate it, Caroline Enger will be giving a piano concert on Thursday September 11th at 7:30 p.m.